Amca Hydraulic Controls

Amca Hydraulic Controls

Proportional control valves with Dutch roots

We are the  only company in the Netherlands who designs and manufactures load independent proportional hydraulic control valves, also called load sense valves.
AMCA has been producing hydraulic control valves for more than 50 years now and in these
many years AMCA valves have been used in all kinds of application accros the world.
Our network of Build Program partners make sure that spare parts are worldwide available on
a very short notice.

AMCA load sensing valves are rated for a pressure of 350 or 420 bar and are available from 1 L/min till 1000 L/min. We can deliver valves suitable for subplate or manifold mounting, and also sandwich style mounting. Our modular designs are the perfect base for making a 1-off custom  solutions and makes them also suitable for large quantity OEM customised solutions.  Even functions which are normally placed elsewhere in the hydraulic system can be integrated in to our proportional control valves.

The AMCA benefits that separate us from the rest.

*Carefully balanced spool system resulting in an excellent hysteresis of 3 %
*Unique compensator resulting in almost perfect load control  and sharp pressure setting cut off.
*Cast iron bodies and caps with stainless steel moving parts
*Optional ‘Protalloy’ surface treatment rated for a 1000 hours saltwater spray test.
*Quick delivery and reaction times.



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AMCA Hydraulics Control

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