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AMCA is an acronym for Advanced Machine Control Applications and was founded in the 1960’s. The company has always concentrated on custom applications and special products rather than volume manufacturing. The result is a compact but innovative worldwide designer and producer of compensated proportional valves..


In the early 60’s the company started with the well known MEV, MOV and MHV valves, optionally with and external collective compensator spool on the inlet section. These innovative valves not only gave high control precision but also prooved extremely rugged in use.


Early in the 90’s AMCA introduced the F12 and F18 series which had an integrated compensater in each section: thus each hydraulic user had compensated proportional control. This hydraulic innovation was well recieved by our high end users.  Halfway through the 90’s AMCA introduced the HK type proportional tipping valve so that any tipping truck could lift and lower its container whether empty or full at the same controlled rate. The valve played  a small but significant role in the succesful growth of Hyva with their tipping sets.


The F12 and F18 series grew to NEN size 16 and 22 and were redesigned for efficient modular production. The APV series was the result and with the concept of a modular build program that would allow the onsite stock of modular parts that can be combined to make a complete custom assembled product. Fast delivery, efficient production and a competitive range of features were central to the APV design and still are. It was and is the answer of a compact organisation to serving a worldwide market.

At he same time AMCA China was started to open this market for our valves and production started for the Build Program components.


In 2011 AMCA was acquired by one of China’s largest machine building enterprises, the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group as a part of their programme to develop top quality machinery interfaces for their product range. The economies of scale and manufacturing process offered by this large partner ensure that AMCA can offer a wide range of compensated proportional valves at competitive prices.


AMCA designed and manufactured the PMV (pump motor valve) speficically for use on a Kawasaki K3VL load sensing pump. The fine and stable control associated with an AMCA proportional valve was required from the pump which could not perform with the same stability. By mounting the valve directly on the pump a compact and efficient unit was created with very fast response.

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