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Proportional control valve APV series

Proportional control valves APV series from AMCA can help you achieve superieur controlability of your machine.

Let us explain why customers like Herrenknecht , XCMG, Conrad Stanen and many others choose for a directional control valve from the APV series as” base” of their hydraulic system.

The APV series load sensing valves are rated for  a pressure of 420 bar and are available from 1 L/min till 1000 L/min.

Modulair design

This control valve series has a modulair design. This means that the basic main spool bodyis always the same and depending on the wishes of customers  functionality like a secundairy relief valve or shock suctions valves can easily be intergrated in the so called connection block. This modulair design is the perfect base  for making the build program and it is also suitable for making customer and OEM specific solutions. Even functions which are normally placed in line in the hydraulic system can be integrated in to the APV valve series.

What are the benefits for you as an user of proportional valves?

AMCA valves are well known for their excellent hysteresis of 3%.


Delta Pressure setting.

Besides this we are one of the few companies who foresee the loadsensing valve with a so called Delta pressure setting.

Excellent load independent behaviour 

The principle behind it is simple; the result is quite interesting:

Full proportional behaviour at any flow setting ( without using the stroke limitation)
Due to the design of the two way compensator we guarantee an excellent load independent behaviour and a very sharp pressure setting cut-off:Hydraulic-control-valve-APV-exellent-load-independent-behavior

Link to sales brochure APV proportional control valves:


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