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Proportional pressure reducing valve

Proportional pressure reducing valve MDM-5

This reducing valve allows continuously variable pressure control in a hydraulic system. The main application is for tools that are pressure controlled like grips or clamping cylinders. The pressure range can be from 0 to 12 bar all the way up to 0-350 bar fully proportional. The repeatable accuracy of the reducer is +/- 3% .

Pressure reducing controleing the whole range independent of the supply pressure.
* Several sub-plates available.
* Conversion to ISO/CETOP mounting surface.
* Several control pressure ranges available.
* Different pressure ranges for the two pilot lines possible.
* Proportional solenoids with longer life for the armature in the oil.
* Several types of proportional solenoids, such as explosion proof “II 2 G EEx m II T4” and IP67.
* Adjustable valve response time

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