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Scanreco remote controls

Scanreco remote controls

AMCA has been a partner of Scanreco remote controls for over a decade now.

Scanreco has supplied remote control systems to fit AMCA proportional control valves for over a decade.
The versatile range of modular set-ups allows for customer specific applications at competitive prices. Both for OEM and for aftermarket customers.

Scanreco has developed a series of off the shelf modular solutions to give fast and competitive response to most enquiries you may have, including joysticks or levers on your PCU controller, main motor switches and integrated machine safety.

Years of experience with AMCA control valves has resulted in a competitive and well adapted package to give great control and the confidence that your machine will respond exactly as you want it to.

AMCA holds most common Scanreo parts on stock, so we can deliver them within 1 or 2 days in the Netherlands.

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