Amca Hydraulic ControlsProductsM-series valves - MEV,MHV, MOV, MPV

M-series valves - MEV,MHV, MOV, MPV

AMCA made its reputation on the renowned M- series proportional control valves.
This series was the first valve which was fully pressure compensated, or load independent.
The combination of ruggedness, great controlability, high power, a wide range of options and customisation make the M series still popular: This valve has earned its pay in challenging applications worldwide. Applications such as, graders, fire ladders, injection moulding machines, cranes, winches, steering gear, mining equipment and many other applications

Our valves are manufactured in high grade nodular cast iron and moving parts are made of stainless steel. The picture above shows the abuse which some of our valves meet…. and survive.

The M-series is designed as a subplate valve, often chosen due to the possibility of exchanging out one individual valve in a block for fast service. Sandwich versions of the M-series are also available as a unit with the separate MDM (loadsensing) or MUV (fixed pump) load compensator. The M-series are known for their high flow and stable response.


  • Fully proportional, pressure compensated.
  • Load pressure plus 3-12 bar = pump pressure, so no wasted pressure
  • Built in pump unloading valve
  • Up to 8 valves on one subplate or sandwich build type 
  • Many special features available such as pressure relief on either or both ports,  low back pressure versions, etc.

Operating pressure: port P/A/B 350 bar
Port T 15-30 bar
Nominal pressure drop over compensator adjustable 3-12 bar

Type of operation Electrical, hydraulical, manual, pneumatic
Eelectric information 12-24 VDC, PWM, 100hZ
Type of protection IP 65, optional IP67
Sizes:   Connection ports:

max Flow:
12 G 1/2"  100 L/min
16 G 3/4" 160 L/min
20 G 1" 250 L/min
25 G 1 1/4" 500 L/min
32 G 1 1/2" 800 L/min


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