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Tipping Valve - HK

HK series:

 The HK series of tipping valves were specially developed for full controlability of the tipping function on a dumper truck. The oil is regulated through the valve to lift the dumper, forming a safety sytem during lifting.

Safety record 

When lowering is required the valve ensures that the lowering speed is constant and proportionally regulated, irrespective of the load.  This valve has a well proven safety record in the business with many tens of thousands in operation today. 

Dual pressure 

The HK valve is avialable as a dual pressure valve so that two dumper truck valves can be arranged in series on a single hydraulic feed line.  

HK410 bar - pneumatic operated, spring-return,  single max. working pressure setting
HK425 bar - manual operated, detent,  single max. working pressure setting
HK430 bar - pneumatic operated, spring-return dual max. working pressure setting
Note: delivery inclusive check valve.

 Max. working pressure setting by insert cartridge:
135 bar (1930 psi)
150 bar (2145 psi)
170 bar (2430 psi)
190 bar (2720 psi)
200 bar (2860 psi)
220 bar (3145 psi)
250 bar (3575 psi) 
280 bar (4000 psi) 



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