AMCA stands for high-tech engineering of proportional load pressure-independent control valves. We are a relatively small-scale but highly specialised manufacturing company that has turned proportional hydraulic control into a ‘state of excellence’. Our hydraulic know-how makes us the ideal partner for engineering custom-built proportional control valves. Products made by AMCA are extremely well constructed. They are the reliable beating heart of hydraulic machines and systems in many industries all over the world. >>> read more


Trusted worldwide for over 60 years

Trusted worldwide for over 60 years
We offer outstanding quality in proportional load pressure-independent control valves. This is the reason why hydraulic engineers worldwide choose AMCA. For more than 60 years, our proportional control valves have been recognised for their solidity. They are made to perform with great precision year after year, under the toughest possible conditions. The uncompromising reliability of AMCA’s products is available in a very wide range. We develop and produce proportional load-pressure-independent control valves with a flow of 1 to 1,000 l/min and in NEN widths of 10, 16, 22 and 32 mm. AMCA specialises in the engineering of client-specific proportional control valves. We also supply a comprehensive range of standard control valves. For many years AMCA has carried out R&D, production and quality control in-house. This is our way to guarantee the reliability of our products. >>> more about our products


COVID Statement AMCA

It has to be assumed that the viral disease COVID-19 known as “Corona” is spreading with increasing speed and that a large part of the population is at risk. Fortunately, at this time no employee at AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power B.V. has been diagnosed with the disease COVID-19. The Dutch government, as well as governments […]



In construction and road building, heavy machinery must be operated with great precision in all kinds of weather. Vulnerable objects are abundant on and around building sites, such as the surrounding buildings, infrastructure, and any heavy construction equipment being driven around – not to mention the workmen themselves. Complete safety, security and precision are therefore required. Meanwhile, sand, dust and building particles …

Commonly used hydraulic control valves:

  • APV-16
  • APV-22


Offshore maritime

There are few sectors where conditions are as tough as in the offshore industry. Salt, chemicals, the danger of explosion and 24/7 production all place very high demands on workers and machinery alike. For this reason, ACMA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are widely used in the offshore industry. Our products are the rock-solid heart of drilling rigs, winches, lift bridges, cranes and other heavy …

Commonly used hydraulic control valves:

  • APV serie
  • M serie
  • Scanreco XYZ remote control



Extreme conditions are a daily reality in the mining industry. Dust, chemicals, the risk of explosion and 24/7 production severely test the abilities of workers and the machinery they operate. For this reason, AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are used on a large scale in the mining industry. Our products are the rock-solid heart of coal road headers, underground tipper lorries, bucket wheel excavators …

Commonly used hydraulic control valves:

  • APV series 16, 22, 32



In the agricultural sector, machines have to function smoothly in any kind of weather. There’s never a good time to carry out maintenance work or repairs to vehicles because livestock and crops simply cannot wait. Meanwhile, hydraulic components suffer greatly from mud, water and corrosion from manure and chemicals. For this reaon, AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are used on a large scale in the agricultural sector. Our products are the rock-solid heart of combines, ploughing machines, balers, excavators, tipper …

Commonly used hydraulic control valves:

  • APV series 10


Municipal works

It goes without saying that a fire engine must be 100% reliable. However, many other municipal service vehicles must also provide maximum uptime. After all, public life depends on it. Town councils are also often tied to the most cost-efficient possible fleet management system, in which there is little room for unscheduled maintenance. This is why AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are widely used for heavy municipal equipment. Our products are the rock-solid beating heart of fire engines, rubbish lorries, street-cleaning vehicles, sweepers, snow ploughs …

Commonly used hydraulic control valves:

  • APV series 10


Custom-made solutions for proportional load-pressure-independent control valves

AMCA produces and delivers a substantial assortment of standard control valves that can be modularly configured for numerous applications. We refer to this as our Build Programme. It is based on our APV-10, APV-16, APV-22 and APV-22 twin proportional load-pressure-independent control valves. These are configured, constructed, tested and delivered by our service network of Build Partners. These local specialists have the knowledge as well as the stock in-house, thereby guaranteeing a fast and efficient custom-built solution typified by AMCA’s proven quality.


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