Hydraulic control valves for the agricultural sector

In the agricultural sector, machines have to function smoothly in any kind of weather. There’s never a good time to carry out maintenance work or repairs to vehicles because livestock and crops simply cannot wait. Meanwhile, hydraulic components suffer greatly from mud, water and corrosion from manure and chemicals. For this reaon, AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are used on a large scale in the agricultural sector. Our products are the rock-solid heart of combines, ploughing machines, balers, excavators, tipper lorries and other heavy machinery. AMCA is known in the agricultural world as the control valve supplier due to its outstanding performance and reliability. We engineer customer-specific models and supply a wide range of standard models


Intelligent cost-efficiency
Not all agricultural processes require high-tech proportional hydraulics. Some applications can perform perfectly well with comparatively simple black-and-white control valves with CETOP functions. To minimise downtime, all crucial parts of AMCA’s hydraulic control valves are accessible from the outside. During preventive or even unplanned on-site maintenance, the control valve does not need to be disassembled

suitable for very low (1 l/min) to very high (1,000 l/min) flows

combined proportional and black-and-white (CETOP) control valves

flow adjustable to an accuracy of 0.1 l/min for precise contol of heavy loads

NEN widths of 10, 16, 22 and 32 mm

several load-pressure-independent flows possible per unit

maintenance-friendly: all crucial parts accessible from the outside

expandable in modular form (via the AMCA Build Programme) for flexible deployment

engineering of customer-specific models possible


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