Hydraulic control valves for the construction industry

In construction and road building, heavy machinery must be operated with great precision in all kinds of weather. Vulnerable objects are abundant on and around building sites, such as the surrounding buildings, infrastructure, and any heavy construction equipment being driven around – not to mention the workmen themselves. Complete safety, security and precision are therefore required. Meanwhile, sand, dust and building particles mount a sustained attack on the hydraulic equipment used. For this reason, AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are used on a large scale in the construction industry. Our products are the rock-solid heart of horizontal and vertical drills, cranes, excavators, asphalt trucks and other heavy equipment.


Customer-specific engineering
AMCA is known in the construction and infrastructure world as the control valve manufacturer due to its outstanding performance and reliability. In addition to a comprehensive range of standard control valve models, we also engineer customer-specific solutions. Our control valves can be perfectly modularly configured. Thanks to our expertise, we know how to integrate functionality from the hydraulic system into the control valves. We also offer the possibility to combine several load-pressure-independent flows in a single unit. The secret behind this is a combi-inlet plate between our APV16 and the APV22 control valve. This compact solution entails a reduction of the number of hydraulic system components and thus a shorter assembly time.


Accurate load control
In the construction industry, precise control of the load is often a must. After all, perfect proportional operation means not only safety but also high productivity. AMCA’s hydraulic control valves are characterised by their carefully designed two-way compensator and primary or secondary pressure setting. This results in excellent load-pressure-independent regulation and a sharp cut in pressure. A striking example of this is the Conrad Stanen Combi500 drill installation.

suitable for very low (1 l/min) to very high (1,000 l/min) flows

flow adjustable to 0.1 l/min accuracy for precise control of heavy loads

expandable in modular form (via the AMCA Build Programme) for flexible deployment

NEN widths of 10, 16, 22 and 32 mm

several loadpressureindependent flows possible per unit

maintenancefriendly: all crucial parts accessible from the outside

possibility to engineer customer-specific models


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