Hydraulic control valves for the mining industry

Extreme conditions are a daily reality in the mining industry. Dust, chemicals, the risk of explosion and 24/7 production severely test the abilities of workers and the machinery they operate. For this reason, AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are used on a large scale in the mining industry. Our products are the rock-solid heart of coal road headers, underground tipper lorries, bucket wheel excavators and mobile crushers. AMCA is known in the mining industry as the control valve manufacturer due to its outstanding performance and reliability. In addition to an extensive range of standard models, we also engineer customer-specific solutions.


Accurate load control
Deep under the ground, safety is the number one requirement. In addition, the complete success of a project sometimes depends on a few millimetres. An impressive example of this is the XYZ machine used for the XYZapplication.


AMCA’s hydraulic control valves for the mining industry are suitable for very high flows of up to 1,000 l/min. Our control valves can be perfectly modularly configured. Thanks to our expertise, we also know how to integrate functionality from the hydraulic system into our products. Examples of this include integrated brake valves and swimming functions. These compact solutions mean a reduction in the number of hydraulic system components and thus a shorter assembly time.

suitable for very high (1,000 l/min) to very low (1 l/min) flows

expandable in modular form (via the AMCA Build Programme) for flexible deployment

ATEX and intrinsically safe ATEX magnets available

flow adjustable to 0.1 l/min accuracy for precise control of heavy loads

NEN widths of 10, 16, 22 and 32 mm

several load-pressure-independent flows possible per unit

maintenance-friendly: all crucial parts accessible from the outside

engineering of customer-specific models possible


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