Hydraulic control valves for municipal service equipment

It goes without saying that a fire engine must be 100% reliable. However, many other municipal service vehicles must also provide maximum uptime. After all, public life depends on it. Town councils are also often tied to the most cost-efficient possible fleet management system, in which there is little room for unscheduled maintenance. This is why AMCA’s proportional hydraulic control valves are widely used for heavy municipal equipment. Our products are the rock-solid beating heart of fire engines, rubbish lorries, street-cleaning vehicles, sweepers, snow ploughs and other hard-working vehicles. AMCA is known among lorry and commercial vehicle builders as the control valve manufacturer due to its outstanding performance and reliability. We engineer customer-specific models and supply a wide range of standard models.


Intelligent cost-efficiency
For municipal service vehicles, AMCA offers a range of solutions suitable for flows of up to 80 l/min. Such vehicles can perform some applications perfectly well by using relatively simple black and white control valves with CETOP functions. AMCA is able to integrate both black-and-white and proportional load-sensing functions into one valve. A good example of this is the Zoeller manifold solution.


CANbus compatibility
Modern municipal service equipment is often equipped with a multitude of electronic components, controls and interfaces. AMCA’s hydraulic control valves for lorries are therefore available with the CANbus system. To minimise downtime, all crucial parts of AMCA’s hydraulic control valves are accessible from the outside. In the event of preventive or even unplanned on-site maintenance, the control valve does not need to be disassembled.

suitable for very low (1 l/min) to very high (1,000 l/min) flows

combined proportional and black-and-white (CETOP) control valves


flow adjustable to an accuracy of 0.1 l/min for precise control of heavy loads

NEN widths of 10, 16, 22 and 32 mm

several load-pressure-independent flows possible per unit

maintenance-friendly: all crucial parts accessible from the outside

expandable in modular form (via the AMCA Build Programme) for flexible deployment

engineering of customer-specific models possible


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