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AMCA’s load-sensing control valves have been developed to provide outstanding performance and reliability. In practice, a lifespan of 25 to 30 years is the rule rather than the exception. Their housings are made of GGG60 cast iron as standard, resulting in a very compact design that therefore saves space. Moreover, we know how to integrate the functionality from the hydraulic system into our control valves. For instance, by engineering integrated brake valves for mobile boat and offshore cranes: machines for which every space and weight saving counts. All internal and external rotating parts, for example in the lever mechanism, are made of stainless steel. These are designed so that sea water, acidity and dust cannot penetrate. A Protalloy anti-corrosion treatment is possible as an extra option. With this treatment, our load-sensing control valves can effortlessly withstand a 1,000-hour salt-spray test.


Proportionally regulated control valves for precise load control
AMCA proportionally regulated control valves are popular among hydraulic engineers due to their excellent load control. The flow can be adjusted to 0.1 l/min by using a delta P setting. This makes our products the perfect solution for precise load control under difficult conditions such as strong winds and high waves. Our control valves are suitable for pressures of up to 350 or 420 bar and for bottom-plate and ‘sandwich’ constructions. AMCA specialises in engineering customer-specific models. In addition, we also supply a large range of standard models.

suitable for very low (1 l/min) to very high (1,000 l/min) flows

flow adjustable to 0.1 l/min accuracy for precise control of heavy loads

manufactured from GGG60 cast iron

seawater-resistant internal components  

Protalloy galvanic zinc-nickel treatment possible

NEN widths of 10, 16, 22 and 32 mm

several load-pressure-independent flows possible per unit

maintenance-friendly: all crucial parts accessible from the outside

expandable in modular form (via the AMCA Build Programme) for flexible deployment

engineering of customer-specific models possible


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