M series of control valves (on request)

Extraordinarily good engineering
Control valves from our M series are renowned in the industry for their robust construction. These valves are resistant to the most aggressive influences and have an exceptionally long life. The housings are made of tensile GGG60 cast iron. All internal and external rotating parts, for example in the lever mechanism, are made of stainless steel. These are designed so that sea water, acidity and dust cannot penetrate. M-series control valves are available for flows of between 1 l/min and 800 l/min in sandwich constructions as well as in bottom-plate constructions. This control valve series can also be perfectly integrated into manifold solutions for winches. There is a choice of electric, manual or hydraulic operating methods. Multiple operation is not possible with the M series; our APV series control valves are the perfect solution in this regard.

M series control valves are only available on request.

Optional: Protalloy anti-corrosion treatment
M-series steering valves are optionally available with a Protalloy anti-corrosion treatment. This makes it unnecessary to apply a paint treatment after assembly. The Protalloy treatment also reaches all surfaces that are simply inaccessible with paint. In addition, this anti-corrosion treatment means that a paint layer does not have to first be removed – thereby possibly contaminating the hydraulic system – during maintenance work.


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