Proportional pressure-reducing valve

MDM-5 proportional pressure-reducing valve
The MDM-5 pressure-reducing valve continuously enables variable pressure control in a hydraulic system. The most important application for the MDM-5 is in tools that are controlled under pressure, such as clamp or brake cylinders. A number of different maximum pressures are available, starting at 12 bar and going up to a maximum of 350 bar. These pressures can be set very accurately and completely proportionally, independent of the input pressure.

* Different bottom plates available
* Conversion to ISO / CETOP mounting picture
* Various regulatory pressure ranges available
* Different pressures for the two outputs achievable
* Proportional play with long life
* Different types of proportional coils, such as explosion-proof “II 2 G EEx m II T4” and IP67
* Adjustable response time]


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